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LULAC 4606 Northern Virgina
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On our website you can find information about Council 4606, its members, and a description of the various programs and activities that we sponsor.  Some of the programs that we have sponsored over the past seventeen years include the Scholarship Program, the Literacy Program, the Spanish Language Book Fair, the Young Readers Program and Project Family.  You will also find on the web site an update on upcoming council events along with pictures taken at our most recent events.


In the last decade, more and more organizations have created their web sites in an effort to take advantage of the Internet.  The Internet has the potential to enhance the communication, creativity and productivity of every person at home, work and school.  Our Council believes that by utilizing the Internet we can help our citizens better participate in all that society has to offer.  We intend to use our web site to modernize and strenghthen communication within our members and the community.


At this stage our challenge will be to encourage students and the community to utilize our web site and our Council as a valuable resource.  In the near future we hope to develop more programs on our web site that will encourage citizens to share ideas and interact with community leaders.  The internet is a valuable tool in the 21st century, and it is our responsibility as leaders and members of the Hispanic Community to empower ourselves by using it to broaden our knowledge capacity.