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LULAC 4606 Northern Virgina
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In the field of education, LULAC 4606 has been very active in helping low-income Hispanic students attend college.  As a result, during the past seventeen years we have granted scholarships to more than 260 students.  Last year awarded $24,000 in academic scholarships to 20 Arlington County public high school students. 

Young Readers Program
This program encourages elementary school students to continue reading books through the Summer break and during the school year.  A series of fun reading workshops are held during the summer at local Arlington County elementary schools.  At these workshops, teachers will read a selection of books to a large audience of parents and students.  Students will then have the opportunity to work on various arts and craft activities related to the books just read.  Finally students are encouraged to check out new books from the school library. 

Project Family
Convinced that learning begins at birth, LULAC 4606 spearheaded and launched in 1989 Project Family, a prenatal and early childhood parental educational program.  Thanks to the generous support we have received from Arlington County, we have been able to successfully train many parents and adults in prenatal and early childhood rearing strategies.  This program is available at the different Community Centers.

Literacy Project
LULAC Council 4606 continues to empower families though literacy.  This program is designed to teach literacy skills to illiterate or functionally illiterate Spanish speaking adults with children attending Arlington Public Schools.  This is particularly important in Arlington, where almost 70% of those enrolled in ESOL-HILT programs have Spanish as their first language.

Spanish-Language Book Fair
Every year, since 1996, LULAC 4606 holds a Spanish-Language Book Fair in close partnership with Key Elementary School, ESOL/HILT and the Foreign Language Department.  The book fair gives community residents and students an opportunity to browse and purchase a large selection of Spanish language books.  The money collected is reserved for the council College Scholarship Fund.  Several cultural and academic events are also organized during the fair.

Parents Workshops
A new program designed to educate parents about the Arlington County public school education system.  This program teaches parents about the many educational programs offered to their children such as ESOL- HILT.  The goal is to prepare parents so that they can better prepare their children for school.

Scholarship Award Recipient at the 2003 Ceremony (middle).

2003 Scholarship Recipient (middle). Walter Tejada (left). Lori Maes (right)

Young Readers Program - young reader at work

Young Readers Program - Barrett Elementary

Project Family - Infant learning activity

Literacy Project - Seminar

Spanish Language Book Fair

Parents Workshop - parent meeting